Traditional razor shaving can be a struggle, especially since the hair grows back way too soon and is often accompanied by ingrown hairs, red bumps, and itchiness. The good news is you can now get the smooth, hairless skin you want without having to rely on razors. Our XEO® laser hair removal system offers a safe and effective alternative that delivers long-lasting results. Connect with Concord Medical Aesthetics to learn more. 


How Does XEO® Laser Hair Removal Work?

Spending your time shaving can become a daunting task. With XEO®, stubborn unwanted hair can be eliminated with little, if any, downtime afterward. XEO®’s hair removal attachment, the ProWave LX™, works by emitting pulses of highly concentrated light energy directly into hair follicles. This concentration of light destroys the hair at its source and stalls the regrowth process, giving you long-lasting results.

Why Choose XEO® Laser Hair Removal?

Whether you have thick/coarse body hair or are tired of spending time shaving only to have to redo it another 72 hours later, laser hair removal may work for you. The benefits of choosing XEO® laser hair removal include minimal downtime after treatment, long-term results, and little-to-no side effects. The XEO® can remove even the fairest hair, delivering a degree of smoothness that traditional shaving simply can’t match.

What Can I Expect?

The procedure is convenient, safe, and effective, but laser hair treatments can be slightly uncomfortable. Thankfully the XEO® laser is designed to minimize any unpleasant sensations you may experience during your sessions. Not all hair follicles in a treatment area can be targeted in a single session, so you must schedule multiple sessions to get the best outcome.

How many sessions it takes depends on the area being treated, the density of the hair, and your skin and hair type. You may have a slight redness to your skin and minor swelling following a session. This should resolve within a day or two.

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