Varicose, and spider veins are more of an aesthetic concern than a medical one. Still, many people prefer skin free of protruding blue veins. That’s where XEO® comes in. At Concord Medical Aesthetics, we offer XEO® laser treatments for vascular lesions. These treatments are non-invasive (unlike sclerotherapy) and deliver excellent, long-term results. If you want clear skin, this treatment is an excellent option. Get in touch to learn more today.


How Does XEO® for Vascular Lesions Work?

The XEO®’s Nd:YAG and AcuTip™ laser handpieces are perfect for treating spider veins on the legs and face, respectively. These handpieces emit light energy that penetrates your skin right to the blood vessel or spider vein. The energy generates heat, coagulating the blood within the targeted vein, causing it to collapse, and sealing it closed. Treatments take little time to perform, and the results are beautiful.

Why Choose XEO® for Vascular Lesions?

One of the most common treatments for vascular lesions like spider veins is sclerotherapy. This treatment involves the injection of a chemical solution directly into the vein. Afterward, the area must be bandaged and left alone to heal for several days or weeks. XEO® laser treatments are a non-invasive alternative that can deliver excellent results without the downtime or irritation caused by sclerotherapy.

What Can I Expect?

We will begin your consultation by evaluating your skin and determining if XEO® is right for you. If so, we can get started right away. During the treatment, the XEO®’s handpiece will be used against the spider vein. It will heat up the area and cause the vein to collapse and disappear. Once that is complete, you will be all set. The procedure does not require downtime and offers long-lasting results.

Woman with a hive pattern on her face

Before and After Photos

Before and after vascular lesion treatment results
Before and after vascular lesion treatment results

XEO® for Vascular Lesions in Concord, Massachusetts

Eliminate vascular lesions and get the clear skin you want here at Concord Medical Aesthetics. Treatments with our XEO® device take little time and leave your skin clear and beautiful. You can reach us by calling (978) 341-9430 or filling out and submitting the form below. We will be in touch with information about your appointment shortly.

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