Getting older doesn’t have to result in declining health. At Concord Internal Medicine, we offer geriatric care for seniors struggling with chronic conditions and those who simply want to maintain their well-being. If you or someone you love is over 50 and dealing with declining health, geriatric care may be necessary.

What Is Geriatric Care?

Geriatric care revolves around the evaluation of elderly patients. Identifying and treating diseases that the elderly commonly struggle with can go a long way in improving their longevity. Moreover, by providing your family with comprehensive medical services, we can give you a better understanding of how to care for your elders too. We offer everything from annual physical exams to chronic disease management services.

What Does Geriatric Care Cover?

The elderly are susceptible to various diseases, from arthritis to diabetes. Diagnosing these illnesses early allows us to take the proper steps toward helping geriatric patients maintain their health. Our services cover testing, treatment, and support. We also provide counseling services for the families of elderly patients.

What Can Concord Internal Medicine Do for Me?

At Concord Internal Medicine, we prioritize the patient experience. Our team is dedicated to creating an environment that not only provides you with answers but helps you feel at ease as well. For elderly patients, this gentle approach can make a world of difference when they receive their medical treatments.

An elderly woman reading with her nurse

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If you are an elderly patient or have an elderly loved one in need of care, we can help. At Concord Internal Medicine, we provide ongoing care for the elderly to help seniors maintain their well-being. You can reach us by phone at (978) 369-5575 or by fax at (978) 371-9189.

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