We all need a hand from time to time when trying to stay fit and healthy. That’s where annual physical exams come in. These doctor evaluations are essential for understanding where you are in terms of your health and finding the best path forward for your well-being. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment for an evaluation, contact our team here at Concord Internal Medicine today.

What Are Annual Physical Exams?

A typical exam begins with a dialogue between you and a member of our staff. This is followed by a basic physical that will evaluate your health in relation to your height, weight, blood pressure, and other measures. In some cases, bloodwork may be ordered to get additional data. Once Dr. D’Ambrosio has enough information on your condition, he will recommend lifestyle changes or treatments to help you improve or maintain your health.

What Do Annual Physical Exams Cover?

Annual physical exams are meant to evaluate your general well-being and the state of your health at different levels. These exams cover the basics of wellness and are used to uncover medical conditions that you may be struggling with or at risk for. The testing that is done during these exams can give us a great deal of insight and allow us to guide you toward a better state of being in the future.

Why Are Regular Doctor’s Visits Important?

Regular doctor visits are essential for keeping track of your health. Often, we engage in unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, over-eating, and sleeping poorly. These habits can cause us significant harm long-term. By getting evaluated, you can gain insight into the inner workings of your body and make lifestyle adjustments that can stave off future complications.

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