Though not a sign of a serious medical issue, warts can be troublesome and annoying for some people. If you have warts and prefer to have them removed, we can accommodate you. Here at Concord Medical Aesthetics, we offer XEO® skin revitalization treatments to remove these and other similar skin growths. XEO® is a non-invasive treatment that relies on light energy and delivers results without downtime. Learn more by requesting an appointment at our Concord office today.


What Causes Warts?

These growths are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). While some strains of HPV are contracted through sexual contact, other strains can be spread through casual touch or by sharing towels. Biting your nails can also cause warts to appear on your fingertips and spread through the rest of your hands. Once warts have appeared, they can reappear at different periods in your life.

What Are the Signs?

These small growths can be identified easily by their characteristic grainy, rough texture. Warts are flesh-colored in most instances but can also appear white, pink, or tan and feature small black dots. Whether you have warts on your fingers, on your face, or on your feet, the experience is never pleasant. Our XEO® treatments can help.

Treatment Options for Warts

The XEO® laser system uses pinpoint laser technology to heat targeted areas of your skin. In this case, the laser can be directed at the wart, essentially burning it off. The laser’s precision allows us to perform this procedure without harming the surrounding skin. Sessions can typically be done in under an hour and result in permanent wart removal in the targeted area.

A wart on a person's toe

Treatments for Warts in Concord, Massachusetts

If over-the-counter wart treatments have failed, we have your solution. Our XEO® laser treatments can quickly eliminate these growths without downtime. You can fill out and submit the form below or call us at (978) 341-9430 to learn more and schedule your appointment. We will be in touch with information about your appointment shortly.

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