Being overweight can cause a slew of health complications, but the situation can be addressed. At Concord Internal Medicine, we provide our patients with chronic disease management services to help them identify the causes of obesity, manage complications, and overcome their problems. Request an appointment in Concord, Massachusetts, to learn more.

What Causes Obesity?

Some of the biggest contributors to obesity are being sedentary and eating poorly. Environmental factors, socioeconomic status, and genetics can also play a major role in how much weight a person gains. If others in your family struggle with their weight, chances are that you, too, will have a difficult time managing it. Identifying all of the factors contributing to your condition is essential to creating an effective weight management program.

Weight Loss Services

Effective weight loss starts with taking small steps toward change. Taking these steps alone can be challenging, but with the right team in your corner, you can have an easier time advancing through your weight loss journey. We can help you evaluate your lifestyle and diet to find the main factors contributing to obesity. Afterward, we can help you adjust these habits and lose weight.

What Results Can I Expect?

Obesity is an ongoing condition that requires careful monitoring and active engagement. If you continue on the path toward weight loss, you will see positive changes. These include greater energy, less pain, and a decreased risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular illness.

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