If you have a dark spot that looks like a mole or flat lesion, you may have a lentigo. Lentigines may not be dangerous at first but can develop into serious conditions like melanoma and other skin cancers. Therefore, if you notice one of these spots, you must treat it as soon as possible. Here at Concord Medical Aesthetics, we offer treatments with our advanced XEO® laser system. Get in touch to learn more.


How Do Lentigines Occur?

Lentigines are most common among those who have fair skin. These spots appear darker than the surrounding skin and are caused by overexposure to the sun. Lentigines are typically flat and irregularly shaped. Their potential to develop into melanoma makes these lesions dangerous. Therefore, they should be addressed and removed as early as possible.

What Are the Signs?

These pigmented areas don’t cause any symptoms. They’re not itchy or painful, and they won’t irritate your skin. A lentigo can look like other dangerous skin conditions. This includes melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and other skin cancers.

Skin cancer tends to produce spots that are raised, painful, itchy, grow rapidly, have uneven borders, and have multiple colors. If your hyperpigmentation areas have these characteristics, you need to contact your doctor.

Treatment Options for Lentigines

Our XEO® laser system features several attachments that can be used to treat pigmentation issues like lentigines. This is a non-invasive solution for an issue that once required invasive treatment. The best thing about these laser treatments is that they take little time and don’t require downtime afterward. If you’re interested, get in touch to learn more about this laser solution today.

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Treatments for Lentigines in Concord, MA

If you have lentigines, you need to address them as soon as possible. Here at Concord Medical Aesthetics, we offer XEO® laser treatments to eliminate these pigmented areas and give you the clear skin you deserve. You can reach us by calling (978) 341-9430 or filling out and submitting the form below. We will be in touch with information about your appointment shortly.

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