Untreated diabetes can take a toll on your body. Those who are struggling with this disease run the risk of developing cardiovascular issues, foot damage, kidney complications, and other issues. Here at Concord Internal Medicine, we can provide you with diagnostic and support services to help you maintain your health despite your illness. Request an appointment at our Concord office to learn more.

What Causes Diabetes?

Diabetes begins as prediabetes, a condition where your blood glucose is high but not quite at severe levels. Without proper treatment and diet modification, this condition can progress into full-blown Type 2 diabetes. There is also Type 1, a genetic disorder that typically appears in childhood. 

With Type 1, your immune system attacks the body’s own insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. Without insulin, sugar quickly builds up in the blood, so those with Type 1 must monitor their blood glucose carefully and take insulin when necessary.

Services for Diabetes

At Concord Internal Medicine, we offer chronic disease management services to help minimize the symptoms of this disease and help you live comfortably. Managing your diabetes starts with regulating your diet and exercising regularly. During your consultation, we can discuss how your lifestyle habits contribute to your ill health and what we can do together to improve things.

What Results Can I Expect?

Proper management of any chronic illness can minimize symptoms and improve your well-being. In the case of diabetes, you can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular and kidney disease by being more mindful of your diet and exercising regularly. Keeping an eye on your blood glucose level and insulin levels is key to remaining healthy.

A blood sugar test being performed for diabetes

Find Diabetes Management Services in Concord, Massachusetts

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