Our bodies experience many changes as we age. Many of our aging signs present themselves as age spots that dot our skin. While some accept these spots, others can feel unhappy with their appearance. If that’s the case for you, we can help. At Concord Medical Aesthetics, we provide anti-aging treatments with our advanced XEO® skin revitalization and Secret™ RF microneedling systems. These devices are minimal to non-invasive and deliver gorgeous results without downtime. Request an appointment today to find out more.


How Do Age Spots Occur?

These spots are simply an unfortunate part of getting older. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen and become more susceptible to overactive pigment cells. As our exposure to sunlight increases, pigment cells produce more melanin that clumps together, resulting in pigmentation issues. Taken together, the decline in collagen and increase in melanin production leads to age spots, sagging, wrinkles, and other aesthetic issues.

What Are the Signs?

Most spots are harmless and do not require treatment, though some require further evaluation. These spots can be easily identified by their color and shape. In most cases, harmless spots tend to be flat, oval in shape, and usually darker than your skin tone. Age spots generally appear on areas of your body that have been exposed the most to the sun. These areas include:

  • The backs of your hands
  • The tops of your feet
  • Your face
  • Your shoulders

They can range in size from small freckle dots to being about half an inch in diameter. Age spots often group together, making them more noticeable.

Closeup on an elderly person's skin

Treatment Options for Age Spots

The XEO® laser system can address hyperpigmentation issues like age spots in less than an hour. This device uses light energy to disrupt the top layer of the skin and promote collagen production below. As your body makes more collagen, it naturally heals itself over time. This healing is controlled and results in an even, spot-free skin texture that lasts.

The Secret™ RF microneedling treatment uses ultra-thin needles to carefully “prick” skin at varying depth points. In addition, this device also applies radiofrequency (RF) energy, heating the skin and stimulating collagen production. This encourages new collagen that smooths and resurfaces your skin, giving you a youthful look. This process is minimally invasive and requires little to no downtime after treatment.

Treatments for Age Spots in Concord, Massachusetts

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